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Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find something here that intrigues you and if you don't, we'll create it specifically for you.

If I may, just a little bit about me. I'm known as Christiano for painting religious paintings and donating them to local NY and NJ Catholic churches during my younger years. 

I have been involved in the Arts for more than 25 years. A graduate of Montclair State University in Montclair, N.J, majoring in Graphic Design, minoring in Illustration, I've always loved sharing what little talent, God has blessed me with with others. Abstract Realism is my forte and what is Abstract Realism you ask, well it's just that, Abstract with a touch of Realism. I tend to title all of my Abstract paintings and based on the titles, the Realism is there, only if you look very closely. These paintings are ready to hang for your convenience.

This style has now been added unto purses for your carrying pleasure

making them a one of a kind gift, either for yourself or a loved one.

As an  artist not only do I design purses but I also specialize in one of a kind miniature self sculptures, perfect for decorating your home or office or simply impressing your friends. We also create Murals per your request. Any theme any style, we'll create it for you.

We want more you say, well, we also manufacture dolls ranging from different styles and sizes.  If you're into books, Children Books that is, you can visit Barnes and Nobles or and browse "What A Catch! written by yours truly, about a little boy and his magical fish and after reading this book you will understand the true meaning behind family and friendships. Now, if you consider yourself a true Abstract Art aficionado, visit and browse through my Abstract Realism Art book, Christiano's Arts and Sculpture, filled with twenty years of my work.....and here is to many more .....God Speed All!

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